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gönderen: makina305 - 05/01/2010 - 14:11
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(05/01/2010 - 14:43)
hocam kime ait olduğunu bilmiyorum ama ; zamanında bulmuştum , pc ye atmıştım ; belki işine yarar...

biraz düzenlemen lazım gibi ; artık sen halledersin gerisini...


Title: Human Rights and Torture in Guantanamo
General Purpose : To inform
Thesis: People who are detainee in guantanamo, are tortured arbitrary


1. Before I begin my topic this afternoon, I would like to introduce you to a very special man
by name of Brandon Nelly . Nelly gave feature to Almerindo Ojeda who is correspondent of
Indepent newspaper. Nelly told very important things in correspondent. Actually Nelly’s
story explains situation of people in Guantanamo very clearly.

2. I became interested in this topic.Because I saw one picture then I decided to do this
Investigative. When I show you that picture,you will understand what I mean.

3. I think you should listen to me carefully. Because that is what I will tell you condition of
leader of world countries.

4. In my opinion, innocent, criminial , black , white , muslim , jewish or christian whatever
you are, nobody have to right to behave you unhumane like that.

5. Today first of all , I will tell you guantanamo is what kind of place. Secondly, what is

going on there and finally, what can be done to prevent it won’t be in our country.


Guantanao camp had been using as soldier prison since 2002. They were arrested and they

are under torture for there are some doubts about those people are from El Kaide or Taliban

I said doubt. Because they weren’t judged by law court, and they can’t demand to appeal to

United State of America legal system . They are called as war crimer. What crimer? Everyone

is innocent if crime isn’t proved. According to UNIVERSIAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN

RİGHTS (1948) you shouldn’t be arrested, held in joil or thrown out ofyour own country for

no good reason. People who criticize Unitet State of America politics, claim that American

goverment violate Cenevre pact.

Nelly told “ I have never wanted to join military. But after 11 september attacked I have

become soldier in 2000 and I went to guantanamo in 2002. Then my Guantanamo adventure

started. After 4 days since I arrived Guantanamo , lots of people who had already tortured

came here. Some of them had bullet wound and some of them had broken of their legs or

their arms. But realy torture begins here….

I remember they said me that I will see some people who are the worse in the world. They

were telling about those people have planed 11 september. I was ready to confront the the

worse people in the world . Those terrorist had killed a lot of people in my country. The

day which “the worse people in the world” came . ı was dissapointment . Most of them are

weak, be scared very much and injured. I thought they look like monster.”

Nelly give example about torture as psychological ; we told the prisoner that their country

totally destroyed with atomic bomb and your family dead. Moreover I remember that

some prıson guards told to prisoner that they can be executed any moment.


European parliament have prepared report about illegal application in Guantanamo prison.

More currently, according to Amnestry International this situation is ‘Human Rights Scandal’

In 10 june 2006 three arrested were found as dead . According to Pentagon they were

killed to pose as suicide.

Detain, harassment , torture. The world can only guess what happened in Guantanamo

Hardly, old Guantanamo prison guard Brandon Nelly who saw only some part of what

happened, told why American goverment should shape.


2- My Guantanamo Diary - The Detainees and the Stories They Told Me (Manvish Rukhsana Khan)
3-News BBC

(05/01/2010 - 16:04)
eyw cok saol ben şmdi bunu bı kendi konuma gore aranje ediyim

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